Connors Flooring - Do Not Waste your money on Armstrong Pergo

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Update by user Mar 21, 2012

We have reached an agreement, please disregard this complaint. (Armstrong Flooring makes a very poor vinyl flooring, it is not called Pergo, but it is a snap together vinyl flooring that warps when wet and puckers, Armstrong does not stand behind it.)

Original review posted by user Mar 06, 2012

I installed Armstrong Pergo thru-out the house.It has buckled thru-out the house and Connors Flooring, Perry, Ga.

and Armstrong refuse to do anything about it. Pergo is a huge waste of money. They need to tell people if it gets wet it warps. They saw we have a pool and pets...I am sick about it.

They came out here with a special light to detect dampness, and took samples to send to Armstrong. They say it is due to dampness !

Whoever heard of buying a floor you cannot damp mop ?

My atty.advised me to take them to small claims court.

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Armstrong and Pergo are two DIFFERENT manufacturers.That's like saying a Subaru Volvo is a lemon.

Reading this sends a message the consumer does not know what they are talking about. I will say Armstrong does not stand behind their product.

If you buy Armstrong, you might as well look at it like a non-warranty purchase.Out of the box my Armstrong laminate has a defect, and they refuse to admit fault as a manufacturer.


Armstrong does not make nor sell Pergo. Pergo is a laminate product that will warp if it gets wet just like any laminate wood. It is unfortunate that the dealer did not tell you this but any little bit of research would have educated you on this.

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